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Company Background

A Summary

Customized Technology Services (CTS) Corporation is built on a vision to work with families to strengthen them to survive in an ever changing and challenging world. Saving for college is great! But if your child is not sufficiently strong to survive to go to college or to complete college, the college fund purpose is defeated. This vision grew out of the concept: "if you feed a hungryman a fish, you have fed a hungryman, but if you teach a hungryman how to fish, you will see a man who will never go hungry".

After addressing this vision and considering various structures and designs for more than 10 years, it was recognized that an engine was needed to drive the vision. An engine that was dedicated to providing specific services and features to support the vision. An engine that exists for the life and purpose of the vision. Thus, Customized Technology Services Corporation was created. Note that CTS is defined by the vision, and CTS's future is determined by the vision. Therefore, CTS has only one purpose - to serve the vision which is an exceptional value for the families who are served by the vision.

The family is the basic unit for the implementation of this vision with the fact that each family has a measure of talent. To assist and support the family, CTS created the Family Platform™. This platform is enabled with specific services and features the family can use and apply to their everyday needs, not just information for the family to pursue and figure out how to use and apply, and not just workshops and seminars that are here today and gone tomorrow. But a live dedicated workforce that families can work with and interact with everyday!.

To ensure that the services and features on the platform are useable, CTS collects requirements and criteria from families before adding services and features. Therefore, the services and features are driven by families, not by CTS.

To ensure CTS is accessible by families around the globe, CTS is a virtual company.

To ensure no family is excluded, families who have nothing but a slice of their time are included.

To ensure that anyone in the world can work for CTS , CTS is based on talent only.

Closing the Zero Divide


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